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June 21 2012

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Colorful fun frosting! (via Vogue of Style)

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May 07 2010

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it's not often that I encounter a record that can move me like "lovely is death" has. you'll be impressed with the haunting guitar work and the vocals that barely register. check out the full review at
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March 16 2010

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February 12 2010

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singer/songwriter valeri lopez has a voice that's incandescently brilliant... and banjo skills to match! check out the full review at
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January 13 2010

this record by the french indie act phoenix was a smash. "lizstomania" leads off a wildly unforgettable journey into the euro-classical past. sounds like it would if the kooks did a record with bowie.

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December 22 2009

Hey, thanks for the invite :)
I can post some Art and interesting Things i found in the soup or out in the net. But i couldn't grab indie as music (to get an image of my music taste check out
stay tuned! :D


December 21 2009

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jerry the independence dolphin

this is the first post. 'fro yeah!


the purpose of this group is to provide a place for people to share their indie discoveries. postings on all kinds of art are encouraged, so long as they are moderately independent.

the porpoise of this group is jerry (featured above).

jerry loves indie music, especially classics like danielson ( ), blackstones ( ), and those bottom feeders ( ).

so, just post beautiful things, people. and maybe someday you too will do stupid tricks for fish.
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